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Asset Classes to Maintain and Build Your Wealth

Multi-Family Properties

Investing in multi-family properties offers an effective strategy for hedging against inflation with the objective of capital appreciation while potentially providing greater passive income. Multi-family investments can also potentially offer greater diversification.

Industrial Properties

An industrial property has the potential to become a valuable asset due to its ability to provide longer lease terms, generate higher yields, incur lower maintenance expenses and offer investment stability.

Self Storage

Investing in self-storage properties can potentially offer a stable income stream and potential for strong returns due to consistent demand, relatively low operating costs, and the potential for capital appreciation.

Office Building

Investments in office properties potentially offer higher yields, reduced maintenance costs, extended lease terms, and enhanced portfolio diversification.

Student Housing

Investing in student housing can offer consistent rental demand from students, lower maintenance expenses, and potentially more reliable income.

Essential Retail

Investing in essential retail, pharmacies and grocery stores, can potentially provide a stable and consistent income stream as these businesses typically experience sustained demand regardless of economic conditions.


Investing in hospitality properties can potentially provide a higher income stream, potential for capital appreciation and an effective hedge against inflation.


Investing in energy-related properties can offer potential tax benefits, diversification, and access to professionally managed energy assets without direct ownership responsibilities.

Investment Objectives

Preservation of Capital

The goal of this investment approach is to protect the investor’s initial capital and reduce the risk of capital loss, making it particularly suitable for those whose primary objective is preserving their principal investment.  This is an awesome way.

Income Generation

An Income portfolio’s goal is to produce reliable, steady income while minimizing exposure to risks, making them well-suited for individuals whose primary objective is dependable cash flow and a secondary goal is safeguarding their capital.


Investors preferring a growth objective as their primary strategy may prioritize maximizing total returns over immediate income generation and is suitable for investors focused on long-term growth who are comfortable with greater risk.

Why 1031 Investment Real Estate

1031 Investment Real Estate is a proponent of free markets, individual freedoms, and the efficient functioning of capital markets. We believe your hard-earned capital should stay where it rightly belongs, in capital markets and under your control.  Accordingly, we are firmly committed to the seamless execution of your 1031 Tax Deferral.   

With over 30 years in the investment industry, our founder has the experience, knowledge, and analytical expertise to guide you seamlessly through the complex 1031 transaction process and selection of suitable Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment options.     

Our partnership with Chicago based Great Point Capital, LLC, provides you access to one of the most extensive Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) platforms in the industry. This access, coupled with their rigorous Due Diligence on DST Sponsors and Offerings, results in a highly customized replacement property solution that precisely meets your needs.

We partner with you to understand your unique financial goals to structure a 1031 Tax Deferral Exchange that meets your objectives as well as your family’s.  

Discover More About Your 1031 Tax-Deferral Options

We’ve compiled dedicated resource pages for each tax-deferral strategy available for your real estate investment portfolio. Explore our materials to gain a deeper understanding of your options.

Working With Your Trusted Professionals

Qualified Intermediaries

We work closely with your Qualified Intermediary to ensure a streamlined, trouble-free 1031 Exchange. Please call us for a referral for a QI in your area.


Partnering with your Financial Advisor to offer a robust selection of 1031 investment options.


We regularly collaborate with CPA’s and Tax Attorneys on your behalf to structure the most advantageous real estate tax-deferred solutions.

Real Estate

Working with your Real Estate professional to structure a 1031 Exchange that provides you with
diversification across asset classes and investment options.

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